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About Us

Pandy Coffee was born out of the love for quality coffee by 2 friends. Daily coffee drinkers, they sourced for decently priced fresh and quality coffee for their daily consumption. Finally venturing into roasting their own beans and after a year of testing, they've identified the right roast and beans.

After sharing with some of our friends, many have had great feedback and even requested regular deliveries. Amidst the economic downturn of the global COVID-19 outbreak, we decided to further expand and offer this to customers.

All our beans are sourced direct from distributors from Brazil, Latin America and Indonesia. Keeping to our believe of fresh coffee, we do not order in large quantities, and as such, we pay a premium compared to others that do bulk orders or are factory roasted.

We on-demand for our own consumption as well as customers and friends upon each order. Coffee beans are best consumed at least 7 days after roast. This is when their flavors can be fully extracted and you get the best coffee experience. 

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